Getting to know Drumheller

Renovation or Restoration?

Short Arms

Why does the Tyrannosaurus Rex have such short arms? So that everything it holds is close to its heart. Aww… so sweet, right? Those short arms are also a pretty good excuse to not help paint or wallpaper.

Arm length aside; life is a journey, it’s amazing to embrace it. Why wait to do something we enjoy or that makes us happy? 


Now, just imagine, the spectacle of being able to see the World’s Largest Dinosaur from your front porch. I see her every day, peeking out above the trees.

To start my day, first and foremost, I put on coffee. You can sneak down in your pj’s, or the comfy robe found in your room, grab a cup, and head back to get ready for the day knowing a full breakfast will be waiting for you when you’re done.

Then, I step outside and take in the hills and trees of the valley. Looking around, it’s easy to see that this is, indeed, where the dinosaurs once roamed. Millions of years of geology, layered like a cake (mmm, cake….) and on display as you look up to the hills.

And in this amazing place, I have embraced a home that I’ve lovingly restored especially for you. 

Now, that last sentence is in past tense, which is deceiving, since I’m never quite done, and my list of projects is always a long and interesting one. Don’t worry, I work on that list in the winter, when the house is a little quieter and the valley is visited by hearty cold weather adventurers. The summer is for being outside and having a comfortable nest to head back to when you need a pause.

Why? Why not?

Moving back to the Valley has given me a new found love for the place I’ve always considered home.

The work I’ve put into the house has definitely been a labour of love (with some grumbling as I come across another stubborn layer of wallpaper and often required the need for some alternative plan mixed with creative problem solving. It would seem that old houses require patience and a sense of stewardship, rather than a quick fix!).

But now, it’s ready for you. I’m finally ready to open my home to each and every one of you, my welcome guests.

Renovation and Restoration.

There is a difference. I’ve embraced them both.  

As well as upgrading amenities and adding to my home, I’ve also taken it upon myself to restore the charm (of which there is no lack of!) and keep as much heritage and character as possible. It’s a balance that I try my best to maintain.

I’ve personalized every nook and cranny to embrace its historic and elegant appeal. Having had the fortune to travel extensively and collect art and handcrafted items from interesting markets and shops, I’ve found a home that allows them to compliment each room.

In the T-Rest you’ll find cabinets full of vintage treasures, art pieces everywhere, curated from artists both locally and internationally. This project has found me scraping off up to eight layers of wallpaper, painting and decorating renewed life into every room with the intention of creating spaces that reflect the home’s depth of comfort and style. The surprises I have exposed, the treasures I have uncovered, it’s all for you!

By restoring the T-Rest, I hope to maintain its distinctive original look and style. It was an impressive home in 1912, built by a mine owner when Drumheller was only in its infancy. I invite you to share the history and stories I have uncovered in restoring this beautiful Drumheller Valley home.

It’s a fun, relaxing, and quirky place. Stay awhile and enjoy everything the Valley has to offer.

And coffee. Grab that cup as you prepare to start your day. You’ll need it… There’s a lot to explore around here!

Getting to know Drumheller

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