The Tyrannosaurs Rest, located in the center of Drumheller, was built in 1912 by Jessie Gouge, one of Drumheller’s first coal mine investors and a driving force in growing the town. The T-Rest house has been an operating B&B for many years.

My goal is to provide guests with a welcoming, comfortable and unique experience during their stay. The history of the house combined with the eclectic nature of the furnishing and a pampering breakfast will prepare you for a day of exploring, or just allow you to relax and unwind.

As in any century home, you expect creaking hardwood, walls that show the curves and eddies of lath and plaster construction, style and history mixed in leaded windows and wide baseboards, doorknobs worn from time, and the patina of the former keepers of the house.

Comfortable and unique guest areas on the main floor provide the space you need to stretch out and watch your favourite show, or play a game of chess or checkers, leaf through a book in the library or learn a bit about the house and family that built it.

I look forward to receiving you here in Drumheller.

About Your Host

My name is Shawn, and I’m your host at the T-Rest. I’m a Drumheller native returned home.

My great grandparents settled in Drumheller and Hesketh, and my family may have even worked at the Newcastle Mine, that the original owner of the house, Jessie Gouge, opened.

Although I’m new to running a Bed and Breakfast, my house has always been full of guests and food and comfort.  The Tyrannosaurus Rest will be no different.

Now back in Drumheller, I’m looking forward to providing my guests with a comfortable and relaxing stay, cooking a variety of delicious meals, and sharing interesting ways to explore the valley as I rediscover my hometown. 

– Shawn

P.S.  That’s Oso in the photo…

Begin exploring upon check in! Can you find?

  1. Something that doesn’t stand out but really makes no sense when you notice it.
  2. Where is the largest fossil?
  3. What’s fills the radiators found throughout the house?
  4. Can you name two different styles of doors you can see?
  5. Which is the most comfortable chair on the main floor?
  6. Which of the chairs do you think provided an Antique Roadshow moment?
  7. How many animals do you count in the artwork around the house?
  8. What one thing did you learn or discover in Drumheller during your visit?
  9. What were the oval windows on the third-floor used for so long ago?
  10. How many stairs are there from the front yard to the attic suite?